Sunday, August 30, 2009

Enrichment & Super Saturdays

I wanted to let you all know that I am now taking orders for Super Saturday's and Enrichment activities! If you think your enrichment leader would be interested, have her contact me at It does take time to prepare large amounts of vinyl items, that being said, I would like at least one months notice, if possible=)


Hello everybody! I just wanted to let you know that my vinyl prices are changing. This is now my current pricing (it's a little bit cheaper) for the vinyl lettering by the foot:

$4/ foot up to 5 inches tall
$4.50/ foot 6" tall
$5/ foot 7 "tall
$5.50/ foot 8" tall
$6/ foot 9" tall
$6.50/ foot 10" tall
$7/ foot 11" tall
$7.50/ foot 12" tall

(if you would like your saying taller, add .50 cents per inch)

*Please note: Some items that are more intricate and will take more time will cost a little bit more.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Flash Cards

I am now selling these flash cards in my etsy shop! Go here if you are interested and would like to see more pics! These are perfect for teaching your little ones their ABC's! I have 2 sets of these currently made and ready to ship, or deliver! They are $12. If you would like, I can also customize, and do different colors.

Magnet Board

Are you in need of a magnet board? Here's an idea: 1. Buy a picture frame 2. Buy sheet metal and cut it to fit the frame 3. Cover it with scrapbook paper and mod podge, or leave it blank! This is one that I made to go in my room.
This is a cute card that I made at a card class a while back...just thought I'd share it!

Bathroom Vinyl Lettering

This is some vinyl that was designed for a bathroom. What do ya think?! The girl I made it for mounted it right above the looked too cute!

Juicy Vinyl

I recently did vinyl lettering for a Juicy Couture themed nursery! I thought this turned out really well! I eventually will have pics of the whole nursery, it just wasn't completed when Paul and I went to apply the vinyl. It's being decorated like the Juicy store in the Town Square Mall in Vegas.

I also did some vinyl that reads "smells like couture" for one of the decorative candy jars that will be in here! Too cute! This is probably the cutest nursery I've ever seen!