Thursday, October 22, 2009

In My Laundry Room

I just recently, today to be exact, made some Laundry Room decor! My Laundry Room was very much in need of being decorated!

Wash. Dry. Fold. Repeat. on the wall. Isn't my ironing board cover cute!? I got it here. I also found this cute bucket at Lowe's and decided to use is as a trash can.

To make the bucket cute, I decided to put the word "trash" on it! Haha! It's the perfect size for Laundry Room Trash!

I made this sign.

This is on the wall above where the Laundry baskets go! The Laundry baskets are far too full, I am embarrassed to show them in the picture!

I found theses Jars at Target and Wal-mart. And labled them with vinyl, Dryer Sheets, Laundry Soap, and Oxi Clean!

Here's a view from a different angle. The metal bucket in the back was also purchased at Lowe's. It is holding my bleach, starch, and stain removers!

My newly decorated Laundry Room!