Saturday, March 27, 2010

Seasonal Blocks!!!

As most of you know I love crafting and I love looking at blogs...crafty blogs! I stumbled across this blog a few weeks ago, and saw these seasonal blocks...I thought "I need to make some!!! A decoration for every holiday...literally!!!"

Here's what you need:
-10 blocks, whatever size you desire....mine are about 3.25x3.25, we got a huge piece of wood at Home Depot, and cut it to the desired size
-Vinyl Letters, cardstock letters, or big alphabet stamps

Here's what you do:
1. Sand blocks if needed, I actually didn't because I was going for a more worn look.
2. Paint blocks, I used an acrylic paint, and I only needed one coat.
3. Once dry, sand edges, if desired! I sanded mine.
4. Ink/ distress the edges if you like that kind of look! I sure do!
5. Place letters on the blocks. Here are the letters you need for each block:
Block One: H Y E D
Block Two: A C R S
Block Three: R P E T
Block Four: V N L O
Block Five: E O M D
Block Six: S M K I
Block Seven: T F B W
Block Eight: U A G L
Block Nine: P J I H
Block Ten: F P S C
6. You are done!!!

These are the words you can make with this one set of blocks:
When you are not using a block, just decorate it with some cute ribbon, and some cute nic-nacks!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

CTR Blocks

Need a primary gift?? These CTR blocks make the perfect baptism gift! These are about 3.5 inches tall and 7 inches long. Theses are available for $6 each.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Magnet Boards

I don't know why I am just now getting around to posting these magnet boards! These are some magnet boards that I had made for Christmas gifts!These were very simple to make!

1. Cut your piece of wood to desired size....I have my hubby pre cut a bunch of wood for me at one time, so I always have wood for gifts, and craft classes on hand!
2. Purchase sheet metal. I got these pre cut pieces at Lowes for about .50 cents each!
3. Paint your wood, and sand edges if desired!
4. Glue metal to the wood. I used cement glue! You can buy a tube for$1 at Wal Mart.
5. Drill holes, if desired.
6. Cut Vinyl, and Place it in desired place on board.
7. Add your ribbon.
8. Add your magnets...I made mine with a mylar button maker!
9. You're done!

I linked this blog here! I couldn't get the cute button that they have to post on my page =(

March Craft Class

Back in October I started doing craft classes about once every other month! They have been a lot of fun! So far we have just done Holiday decorations, but I have lots of ideas for cute home decorations in the future! Here is the craft for this month! If you live in the Henderson/Las Vegas area, you are more than welcome to come! It is Tuesday March 30, from 6:30-8:30pm! I will have a wide variety of pastel paints, as well as chocolate and black. Vinyl colors to choose from are chocolate, white, and beige. Cost is $7 for one sign, $13 for 2 signs, or $18 for all 3 signs. Please let me know when you RSVP which sign you'd like, as well as the vinyl color!
1.Happy Easter Happy Spring, Happy Happy Everything, 6x12 sign
2.Christ The Lord is Risen, 9x9 sign
3.Happy Easter, 8x10sign

Please RSVP by Saturday March 27! If you would like my address please contact me at!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Today I won this on EBay!!! Yay!!! I have lots of cute decorating ideas for this cartridge!!! I don't normally use my cricut for vinyl, because I have a big vinyl machine....but this cartridge inspires me to use my cricut for vinyl!

There are so many silhouettes that go right along with things my little boy LOVES to do...and things I hope my little girl will LOVE to do....this will be so exciting to receive in the mail!!! Now I need to hit the thrift stores and find some FUNKY frames!!!

Since I will soon have these images, I will be selling these for vinyl images =)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Vinyl Wall Decor, Inspired by Target Bedding

Last week my friend Becca bought this bedding at Target....
Super cute right??After Seeing the bedding, we were inspired to do some wall vinyl. Here is what we came up with! A big modern tree, with an owl and birdies, and acorns.
These are name plaques that I had made for a baby gift. They are 12x12.
A little family of birdies on the wall.
Birdies going along the crib....
This is below the big modern tree....acorns falling off of the tree, with a birdie going to get some.
Another view of the tree...
Close up of the tree...

A little birdie on top of the light switch...
The wall was kind of bare behind the dresser, so we came up with this...
I then surprised the 2nd time mommy with this at the hospital...
a magnet and wipe off board...I still need to make magnets for it... I also surprised her with the owl throw pillow to match her new bedding.
We are so excited with how it all turned out!!!

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Baby Shower Decorations

February was definitely the month of baby showers! I helped throw 2, plus had my own, and had 1 I couldn't make it to! I just wanted to share some of the decorations from one I helped throw and from the one that was thrown for me!

We kept it real simple with the decorations. I made the plaque that reads "boy, n: a noise with dirt on it" and the picture frame with the ultrasound picture on it. My friend Celeste had it at her house...she had the brilliant idea to use a curtain for the table cloth! It worked great!!
This frame was really simple. I just bought a 5x7 wood frame. I kept it brown, because it was going to match the nursery. I took the glass out, and replaced it with a 5x7 piece of metal. It was that easy! It was even easier because Lowe's sells pre cut 5x7 pieces of metal for .51 cents each! I know it's cheaper to buy a huge sheet and cut sizes I need, but I was going for convenience!!! I then used my mylar button maker to make the 2 magnets holding the pic! And for extra cuteness, I added some vinyl!
This was the banner I made. Very simple! I did 5.5 inch circles on my cricut, cut out letters on my cricut, punched holes and used ribbons and toile to connect it all together!
These are the lovely ladies who helped throw my shower =) From left to right: Kim, My Mom, Jacalyn, Me (I didn't help, just wanted to be in the pic, and so did Landon!), Tiffany, and Celeste...this was once again thrown at Celeste's house =)
My friend Jacalyn made this cute plaque, I cut the vinyl, but she did the rest! I love the idea of adding the flower for an embellishment! She also made this cute flowery ball out of toile and styrofoam! Super cute!
My friend Jacalyn also assembled this cute Sugar & Spice block! Once again...I love the little flower!!!
These were ordered off of an etsy site...I would post which one, if I knew! Aren't these cute! I love that they are personalized!
You can barely see it, but the banner is hanging on the fireplace! My friend Jacalyn made that too! It's so cute...I wish I had a better picture!!!
Thanks ladies for throwing me a shower for Little Hannity! We are anxiously awaiting her arrival!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Burlap Picture Frames and FHE Board

I am really into burlap home decor items lately! A while back I saw a picture frame on Shanty 2 Chic that I just loved! It was a big frame with about 5 smaller ones inside! No glass...just frames, burlap and some clips! Unfortunately I don't have the wall space for the big frame, so I made 3 smaller ones! Here's what I did...
1. Painted some old frames I had lying around.
2. Sanded the frames.
3. Painted a coat of mod podge over the top.
4. I sprayed spray adhesive to the cardboard on the picture frame backing.
5. Placed burlap on the cardboard.
6. Put the backing back on the frame.
7. Hot glued a metal clip to each frame...I paid about $1 for 2 at Wal-Mart.
8. On the middle frame I placed a wooden embellishment, using hot glue.
9. Clipped my pictures in place.
10. Hang!
I also made this Family Home Evening Board! I used chalkboard paint for the wooden tags, that way when we have guests over, we can write their names in!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wreath Hanger, and a Wreath Revamp

A while back my friend showed me a wreath holder that a friend of hers had made...I loved it, so I of course had to make one too!!! This is made with a stair post, a fancy topper...I have no Idea what they are called, a rectangular piece of wood, a square piece of wood, a hook, screws and wood glue! Oh...and spray paint and a sander! Basically just paint and assemble like the pic shown!
I then realized I made this wreath holder, and I didn't have a I went to Savers and purchased a wreath for $1...It had some really ugly flowers on I took those off, wiped the wreath down, then painted it black.
It was plain and clearly needed something I took this frame...$1 at Dollar Tree, painted and sanded it, then instead of placing a photo, I put some cute scrapbook paper in it. I then placed a burgundy letter L in the center and attached it all with some ribbon.
Here's the finished looks great on my end table...