Friday, October 29, 2010

A few recent orders

Some of these were done recently, and some, I realized I didn't post. Here are a few more things I have done.

We have this frame hanging in our hallway from our wedding. It was silver...I spray painted it black then added this Mr. & Mrs. vinyl.
This was ordered for a little girl who liked Disney Princesses. Please ignore the bad picture...I forgot to take a good one before I left my house!
Same thing...ignore the bad pic...but the sign is cute!
This frame is in our hallway to. It was brown, and I painted it black....then added the forever vinyl to it.
This is a sign a friend of mine ordered from me. I just love how it turned out.
My friend Jenny ordered this sign for her booth at the Quilted Bear in Provo...her booth is pretty new if you live in the Provo area, you should go check out her amazing bows!
In commemoration of this election coming husband made this for his truck....please don't hate me if you're a Reid supporter!
This was ordered a while back and I forgot to post pics! Each metal piece is 5x7...these can be used for pictures or as a wipe off board! I just love this!!!
Another please remove your shoes sign.
This is one of my latest orders...I love this!!! The sign is 6x24, and the frames hanging are 5x7!
Contact me if you are interested in any vinyl =) The holidays are coming up!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


I have been busy! This pic is the vinyl I did for one wards Super that same time I did just as much for my Halloween craft night, and now I'm throwing my own super Satuurday! Thanks ladies for all of your support!!!

Landon's 1st Birthday Party!

Sooooo.....I just realized that I never posted Landon's first birthday party on my craft blog....and well...he's 2 1/2! My crafting and decor skills have definitely improved since then, but I thought I'd post it anyways =)

I made him this 1st birthday shirt using fabric, heat & bond, fray check, my cricut, and a white tee shirt.
Here's the birthday boy on the way to the party.
We had his party at the's the banner I made using my cricut and Stampin' Up paper.
Banner close up...
We decorated cupcakes! I recovered the frosting containers with scrapbook paper.
Here's some of the cupcakes, and sprinkles! We had chocolate, strawberry and vanilla cupcakes.
These were the party favors I made up...
The bags had a notepad, crayons and bubbles.
Family shot....I look gross...
The drooly birthday boy...
Some of the gifts and his cupcake cake.
Mmm....I have to admit...I was sad that he wasn't that aggressive with the cake!
That is as messy as he got!
Hope ya enjoyed =)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cheer Megaphones

A few months ago I was asked by a friend, who is a cheer coach to make the vinyl for the captain's megaphones! Since I was a cheerleader well over half of my life, I was of course excited to do these! I think they turned out great!

Ignore my sons foot...he thought these were so cool, it was hard to keep him away for the pic!
Looking at these really makes me miss being a cheerleader!!!!!!! Maybe my sweet little girl Hannity will want to be one! I hope so!!!! And maybe one day she could be a BYU cheerleader.... that would make mommy and daddy very happy!!!

* Yes I labeled as Sports because Cheerleading is a sport to me!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Finally! Halloween Decor! I have been ready for Halloween since the beginning of September...but I have been so busy with doing my Halloween craft night, and Super Saturday's for different wards, along with the one I am throwing, that I am just now getting my pics up! Here's what I've done!

Countdown blocks....notice how the countdown was on day 40...haha! We also made these for my Halloween craft night!
I made this Enchanting Spells tile years ago, back when I got my vinyl machine!
Trick or Treat sign... we made these for my Halloween craft night as well!
I covered pic frames in spiderwebs and spiders!
Here is my holiday decor shelf!
These topiaries are from the 123 topiaries I made a while back...I just took out the number 2!
I made this using a plate from dollar tree!
I designed some Halloween subway art!
Here are my seasonal blocks all done up for Halloween!
I got this idea from House of Smiths...I LOVE that blog!!!
The crow, moss, and skulls are from dollar tree! The bird cage held wedding cards from our wedding, and the "boo" I got from the dollar section at JoAnns last year!
My dining room... I either made or purchased everything seen at Thai Pan or The Gatehouse in past visits to Utah!
This glass block says trick or's hard to see in the pic!
And my favorite of all....the wreaths with ribbons and postcards! Purchased at The Gatehouse...oh how I wish there was one here in Vegas!
Hope ya like & sorry it's sooo late! If you'd like to purchase any of the vinyl contact me at!

I linked up to Today's Creative Blog!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Previous Vinyl Orders

I realized I never posted these pictures! Here are pictures of some of the custom orders I've had lately! If ya see something you like and want let me know! For those of you who have ordered vinyl lettering for your walls, please send me pics! I'd love to see it up on your wall!
This wall vinyl is black on black...I love how that looks!

This vinyl was put on a glass frame!

My friend and I made these still is in need of clock parts!!!

These signs are VERY popular and make great wedding gifts!!!!
I think I need one of these for my home!