Saturday, May 9, 2009

On-the-Go Activity Bag

I am so excited about this craft! I think it's perfect for traveling, and for church! I like to think of it as an On-the-Go Activity Bag! I purchased a 9x13 inch cookie sheet at a local dollar store! To make it cute, I used vinyl to put Landon's name at the bottom. I then made magnetic matching activities, puzzles, and found other magnetic things that I thought would be educational. I keep everything in a canvas bag, and it's ready to go whenever I need it! Another good idea is to add crayons, and a coloring book, as well as some books for an even more perfect On-the-Go bag!

Inside this container are magnets for these...
...match the shapes
...match the animals
...dress the babies!

I found this color-yourself puzzle at JoAnns for $1! I colored it, and put mod podge over the top, and magnets on the back!

I found these wooden animals at JoAnn's for .59 cents a piece! I threw a magnet on the back and called it good!
In the dollar toy section at Wal-Mart, I found these...
...and these! A classic childhood toy for me! I thought these would be perfect to help children learn to spell, and to learn numbers!

Here is how it is all stored! Each activity is in it's own container, or bag, keeping it all nicely organized!

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lacey said...

Hey Melinda!
I need your crafty help. I have to come up with an easy/cheap craft for my girls to do at girls camp. I have an idea but not sure. I'll call you befor the end of the week to tell you what I was thinking.