Friday, February 26, 2010

How to make a wipe off board

I have been in need of a small wipe off board for some time now. My husband and I want to start memorizing a scripture a week for part of our Family Home Evening. I had this exact same idea in my head, but it wasn't until I saw it made on my new favorite blog, Shanty2Chic that I decided to make it!

Materials Needed:
-Picture frame
-Fabric, sized to fit your picture frame
-Spray adhesive
-Vinyl Lettering, optional
-Wipe off markers

1. If your frame needs painted, paint it. I cheated and bought one this time, it was the perfect size I needed, and color!
2. Cut your fabric to fit the size of your frame. My frame shown is 5x7.
3. Using spray adhesive, spray it onto the back part part of the pic frame (the part that would be touching the glass).
4. Place the fabric onto the side of cardboard with the spray adhesive. I used burlap, but this would be very cute with fabric as well!
5. Put the frame back together.
6. If you chose to put vinyl on, place that on the glass.
7. You're now the new proud owner of a super cute wipe off board!

We put ours on our desk, since we are always at the computer! That makes for a great location, where we will always see our quote. I think these would look super cute on a wall in a much bigger size!!! For the vinyl, a calendar would be cute, a Family last name, or your kids names, a cute little animal....the possibilities are endless!

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