Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wreath Hanger, and a Wreath Revamp

A while back my friend showed me a wreath holder that a friend of hers had made...I loved it, so I of course had to make one too!!! This is made with a stair post, a fancy topper...I have no Idea what they are called, a rectangular piece of wood, a square piece of wood, a hook, screws and wood glue! Oh...and spray paint and a sander! Basically just paint and assemble like the pic shown!
I then realized I made this wreath holder, and I didn't have a I went to Savers and purchased a wreath for $1...It had some really ugly flowers on I took those off, wiped the wreath down, then painted it black.
It was plain and clearly needed something I took this frame...$1 at Dollar Tree, painted and sanded it, then instead of placing a photo, I put some cute scrapbook paper in it. I then placed a burgundy letter L in the center and attached it all with some ribbon.
Here's the finished looks great on my end table...

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