Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Christmas Decor...lol

So this is a LITTLE LATE! I realized I haven't updated this blog since October! Wow! I haven't updated my family one since JULY...I sure have gotten behind! My vinyl business has really taken off, and has kept me so busy! I'm just now getting around to updating...and to be honest this is the only update I'm doing tonight...we are cheap and have the cheap Internet, which means SLOW connection and I have no patience for it! I'm tired and I have more vinyl to do! I'll get caught up one day! Lol! Anyways, Here is how I decorated this Christmas. Sadly the pictures are fuzzy because I realized I didn't take any on my camera, just from my iPhone...and I couldn't find a picture of my tree! I know I took one, but I just couldn't find it! Well, it looked the same as last years! Haha!

My candy garland turned out really well this year! I was quite proud of it! I got all of the wooden candy from Tai Pan or the Gatehouse in Utah. I got the kids stockings from Pottery Barn Kids....I love having their names on the stockings!

I got these wreaths and little ornaments at The Gatehouse in Orem UT like 3 or 4 years ago...and I still LOVE them! I did change out the ribbon though. I found this ribbon at Target this year and had to get it!
Here's my shelves....wow these pictures are FUZZY!!! The Christmas tree I made at a craft class. It's a styrofoam cone, with book pages glued on it! I LOVE this tree....I wanted to make more but it took a few hours...not sure if I'll be patient enough to make anymore!
I spelled out JOLLY for Christmas, and used this cute Santa head, which I got at the Gatehouse years ago, and once again, I still LOVE it!
This is my nativity scene I made years ago with vinyl, I just swapped out the ribbon this year!
Here's the top of our desk, I wasn't in love with how this turned out, but it worked! Most of those items I got at The Gatehouse...years ago!
And...I hope you all had a Merry Christmas! LOL! Maybe by Easter I will post my Valentine's Day decor! Life is busy as a mother, wife of a medical student, homemaker, business owner...etc! I promise I will hopefully be better at updating this blog! My hubby refinished a piano for me for Christmas! I can't wait to show you guys...those of you who haven't seen it via facebook or in person! It's amazing! Plus I have done so many other crafts lately, and I've taken so many pictures! That all being said...I sure have a lot of catching up to do!

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