Friday, October 29, 2010

A few recent orders

Some of these were done recently, and some, I realized I didn't post. Here are a few more things I have done.

We have this frame hanging in our hallway from our wedding. It was silver...I spray painted it black then added this Mr. & Mrs. vinyl.
This was ordered for a little girl who liked Disney Princesses. Please ignore the bad picture...I forgot to take a good one before I left my house!
Same thing...ignore the bad pic...but the sign is cute!
This frame is in our hallway to. It was brown, and I painted it black....then added the forever vinyl to it.
This is a sign a friend of mine ordered from me. I just love how it turned out.
My friend Jenny ordered this sign for her booth at the Quilted Bear in Provo...her booth is pretty new if you live in the Provo area, you should go check out her amazing bows!
In commemoration of this election coming husband made this for his truck....please don't hate me if you're a Reid supporter!
This was ordered a while back and I forgot to post pics! Each metal piece is 5x7...these can be used for pictures or as a wipe off board! I just love this!!!
Another please remove your shoes sign.
This is one of my latest orders...I love this!!! The sign is 6x24, and the frames hanging are 5x7!
Contact me if you are interested in any vinyl =) The holidays are coming up!

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