Thursday, October 28, 2010

Landon's 1st Birthday Party!

Sooooo.....I just realized that I never posted Landon's first birthday party on my craft blog....and well...he's 2 1/2! My crafting and decor skills have definitely improved since then, but I thought I'd post it anyways =)

I made him this 1st birthday shirt using fabric, heat & bond, fray check, my cricut, and a white tee shirt.
Here's the birthday boy on the way to the party.
We had his party at the's the banner I made using my cricut and Stampin' Up paper.
Banner close up...
We decorated cupcakes! I recovered the frosting containers with scrapbook paper.
Here's some of the cupcakes, and sprinkles! We had chocolate, strawberry and vanilla cupcakes.
These were the party favors I made up...
The bags had a notepad, crayons and bubbles.
Family shot....I look gross...
The drooly birthday boy...
Some of the gifts and his cupcake cake.
Mmm....I have to admit...I was sad that he wasn't that aggressive with the cake!
That is as messy as he got!
Hope ya enjoyed =)

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