Saturday, December 27, 2008

Craft Room Storage

I am always looking for ways to organize my craft stuff! I absolutely love all of this storage stuff from Stampin' Up!

This box would be perfect for organizing pictures or cards, or anything really! I like how it's clear so you can see what's in it!
Right now I have all of my ribbons in jars, 1 jar per color. If you don't like the jar idea, this would be great for ribbon!
This would be a nice way to organize my paper! Dividers can be purchased separately to divide your papers by color.
I purchased this ink organizer a few months ago and it has worked great! It really only works for Stampin' Up! ink though. If you don't have their ink, I highly recommend it! It doesn't smear! They have tons of colors to choose from, and when your onk pad dries out, you can buy the ink refills instead of a new ink pad.
I also purchased this to store all of my lovely Stampin' Up! embellishments! You can purchase the storage containers separately to store other things as well!

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