Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Magnet Boards

I don't know why I am just now getting around to posting these magnet boards! These are some magnet boards that I had made for Christmas gifts!These were very simple to make!

1. Cut your piece of wood to desired size....I have my hubby pre cut a bunch of wood for me at one time, so I always have wood for gifts, and craft classes on hand!
2. Purchase sheet metal. I got these pre cut pieces at Lowes for about .50 cents each!
3. Paint your wood, and sand edges if desired!
4. Glue metal to the wood. I used cement glue! You can buy a tube for$1 at Wal Mart.
5. Drill holes, if desired.
6. Cut Vinyl, and Place it in desired place on board.
7. Add your ribbon.
8. Add your magnets...I made mine with a mylar button maker!
9. You're done!

I linked this blog here! I couldn't get the cute button that they have to post on my page =(


The Faveros said...

Super cute - I love making magnet boards

Kayla and Andrew said...

I LOVE all your crafts! Do you use a cricut for the vinyl or do you have a different machine? Also, I was wondering if you were still selling the vinyl of the temples and the "Stand in holy places"?

The Lanier Family said...

I have a cricut...I sometimes use it....I have an actual vinyl machine that I bought almost 3 years ago that I use. It's a 36 inch machine. I am still selling those Temples! If you still want one just let me know what size and color!