Friday, March 12, 2010

Baby Shower Decorations

February was definitely the month of baby showers! I helped throw 2, plus had my own, and had 1 I couldn't make it to! I just wanted to share some of the decorations from one I helped throw and from the one that was thrown for me!

We kept it real simple with the decorations. I made the plaque that reads "boy, n: a noise with dirt on it" and the picture frame with the ultrasound picture on it. My friend Celeste had it at her house...she had the brilliant idea to use a curtain for the table cloth! It worked great!!
This frame was really simple. I just bought a 5x7 wood frame. I kept it brown, because it was going to match the nursery. I took the glass out, and replaced it with a 5x7 piece of metal. It was that easy! It was even easier because Lowe's sells pre cut 5x7 pieces of metal for .51 cents each! I know it's cheaper to buy a huge sheet and cut sizes I need, but I was going for convenience!!! I then used my mylar button maker to make the 2 magnets holding the pic! And for extra cuteness, I added some vinyl!
This was the banner I made. Very simple! I did 5.5 inch circles on my cricut, cut out letters on my cricut, punched holes and used ribbons and toile to connect it all together!
These are the lovely ladies who helped throw my shower =) From left to right: Kim, My Mom, Jacalyn, Me (I didn't help, just wanted to be in the pic, and so did Landon!), Tiffany, and Celeste...this was once again thrown at Celeste's house =)
My friend Jacalyn made this cute plaque, I cut the vinyl, but she did the rest! I love the idea of adding the flower for an embellishment! She also made this cute flowery ball out of toile and styrofoam! Super cute!
My friend Jacalyn also assembled this cute Sugar & Spice block! Once again...I love the little flower!!!
These were ordered off of an etsy site...I would post which one, if I knew! Aren't these cute! I love that they are personalized!
You can barely see it, but the banner is hanging on the fireplace! My friend Jacalyn made that too! It's so cute...I wish I had a better picture!!!
Thanks ladies for throwing me a shower for Little Hannity! We are anxiously awaiting her arrival!!!

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